Talks, Training & Mentoring

To help you set up or strengthen your programmes we offer talks, training or mentoring in Life Skills. These are tailor-made to suit your needs and requirements.


We can come to schools and organisations to talk about our Life Skills work and resources.

Clare Hanbury, author of the LifeSkills E-Handbook is an experienced speaker and facilitator. She will work with you to design a speech or session or seminar that best suits your needs.

For other materials useful to PHSCE teachers visit our sister site where you can access materials that set out an innovative methodology used to strengthen the participation of children and young people in health education projects in and out of school.


Schools and other organisations supporting children and youth ask for our help to develop the Life Skills component of their programmes. We help you to design tailor-made training linked to your own materials or linked to our Life Skills Handbook.


We offer three types of mentoring programme:

A Life Skills Mentoring Programme linked to the content of The Lifeskills E-Handbook. This programme provides one-to-one guidance to practitioners and project managers on how to plan, implement, evaluate and monitor life skills projects. Six sessions is the recommended minimum.

One-stop mentoring, a short block of mentoring (1-3 sessions) to help you focus on a specific issue that needs addressing

The 3-month tailor-made programme of mentoring to help support change or development in your work. It consists of 12 weekly sessions and can be linked to a Life Skills programme but does not have to be. We work to clarify and set goals and work towards meeting these goals. There is a strong self development component for the practitioner in this programme.

To enquire about the talks, training or mentoring programmes email Clare Hanbury on

Testimonials about our Mentoring

Natasha Mercurio is a social entrepreneur who is working with young people in South Africa. Clare coached Natasha for 3 months to help her clarify her goals and approaches. You can find out more about her amazing work by clicking this link

My experience was that you were totally in my world. I felt completely understood and supported. Thanks to the way you compassionately and powerfully listened and guided our work together, I felt totally empowered and standing in my confidence. Many, many thanks to you for ALL the support, guidance, inspiration and knowledge you provided me with in our sessions.

Marie Munro is a life coach who teaches lifeskills and coaches parents and teenagers in the UK.

Our sessions helped me to focus on what is important to me. Making things clear in my mind. I have been through a very busy and productive time throughout our time together. Having someone to share all that was happening and having your support during this time was wonderful. I appreciated you reminding me of all that I had achieved. It is often too easy to focus on what you haven’t done, forgetting what has been done already. You mostly held me accountable for actions that I had agreed to do. Although it wasn’t always possible to do these things, knowing that you could ask me about them did spur me on.

Sally Price is an international development consultant who has worked with Clare since 2007 and has  developed a comprehensive Life Skills programme for the Catholic Relief Services in Sierra Leone.

It has made a big difference to me in my professional life to work with Clare. It comes at a time when I am expanding my skills and using my experience and expertise to set up challenging and visionary programmes. In reality, as a consultant, we are often expected to be able to do and know everything, often wider than our original area of expertise. Having Clare’s support whilst I was working on developing the programme in Sierra Leone gave me the confidence to feel safe to spread my wings and develop my potential. Her support was consistent, wise, understanding and humorous. She helped me to stay focused, resourceful and optimistic at all times. Since that time, I have used the wisdom I learnt from working with Clare, to go on and set up and develop other international programmes around the world. so thank you Clare!

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