What Makes Youth Sucessful and What Supports their Development

What does youth success mean? How to empower them? How does life skills teaching and life skills learning fit? Sarah Newton and Linette Daniels launch this useful and insightful radio show.

Listen to this great 30 minute radio show on Youth Success. As a life skills educator, it will be worth your time to find out more about these people.

Listen to internet radio with Sarah Newton on Blog Talk Radio

I have known Sarah for over a decade. Her ideas and materials and training work is ALWAYS worth finding out about. Over the years, Sarah has ensured that my professional development is on-going and of high quality.

I would highly recommend all of you involved in life skills work and empowerment work with young people to sign up to Sarah’s blog. She has a great ‘teenology’ course available that I am just completing and it has really helped me with my work – and with my relationship with my children.

This is very important content for anyone interested in the development of young people.


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