7 things to tell young people

As those of you following our work over at Children for Health will know - I love lists and especially lists that are collections of things that are really important. Yesterday at the Street Child World Cup Summit in Cambridge, Neil Prem, an inspiring speaker, introduced the session on Social Enterprise and Leadership with a list of 7 things to tell young people and here they are! You are not a … [Read more...]

Lifeskills, Children for Health and Pinterest boards

Those of you who follow our work at Life skills Handbooks may also be interest in the growing project that is our sister site  Children for Health. Do go over and take a look. One of the most inspiring things has been collecting the amazing images and videos for our Pinterest boards and finding out how resourceful and competent children are the world over. Lets recognise, praise and … [Read more...]

Being Able To See More Beautifuler Things (….not a typo)

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