Dear Lifeskills Community, I am very pleased with the growth of this community we are over 2000 strong! What pleases me the most is to know that with just this little contact that we have I am in some small way encouraging you in your important work to promote Lifeskills. Many of you already know that, at the moment my main work is with the UK Charity, Children for Health which I founded and now … [Read more...]

Activity 7 Influences: Adverts and Media

This is a single activity session plan from our book, The Life Skills Handbook, a book available in digital format (only)). There are 61 activity sessions in this book. Click here for more information on the book and how to purchase it. Purpose of activity: To understand how adverts affect us. Advertisements are part of the environment and they can reflect the values of our society and create peer … [Read more...]

Newsletter from the Clare Hanbury Site

Hi All - I hope you'll forgive this posting of a newsletter from the Clare Hanbury site. Clare is the author of the Lifeskills Handbook and of this blog. Some of the content is relevant to those of you interested in promoting life skills work with children and young people. If you want to go and see more about her other work click here If you visit this site please click … [Read more...]