Monitoring and Evaluating Life Skills 11/15: IMPLEMENT & TURN INFO INTO DATA

For those of you conducting life skills activities or life skills training with young people or adult facilitators. Here is number 11 out of a series of 15 weekly posts on Monitoring and Evaluating Life Skills. Each of them are extracted from the Toolkit I developed for the Jacobs Foundation with the help of many of their field partners and which you can download for FREE by clicking here. Please … [Read more...]

FREE Lifeskills Materials

The Life Skills Handbook provides advice and active learning activities for teaching life skills to young people. It supports and guides all people who plan, manage, teach or work on formal and non-formal education programmes. It can be adapted and used in different cultural contexts worldwide. The Life Skills Handbook is intended for use with young people aged 8-16. The activities need to be … [Read more...]

Which Skills are Life Skills?

What are Life Skills? Here is a list that can be found on the UNICEF website There are three ctaegories of Life Skills: Communication and Interpersonal Skills; Decision-Making and Critical Thinking Skills; and Coping and Self-Management Skills 1. Communication and Interpersonal Skills; Interpersonal communication skills    •    Verbal/Nonverbal … [Read more...]

Useful Resources on the Educator Sector Response to HIV and AIDS

Developing Booklet 6 on Good Policy and Practice in HIV and AIDS Education: Pre-Service Teacher Education with UNESCO (An extract adapted from Clare Hanbury's April Newsletter) I have just completed my part in putting together this booklet. The purpose of the series is to present ideas, key findings and programmatic examples on different HIV and AIDS themes and to pull together experiences … [Read more...]

BUILDING HOPE A new book on life skills and HIV prevention

The book launch for Building Hope by Kate Harrison  (An extract adapted from Clare Hanbury's April newsletter) I was really pleased to be at the launch of Kate’s book, Building Hope. This is a  practical manual about how HIV and AIDS affects the lives of children and their families and what can be done to help. It is written for community leaders and families and for people who … [Read more...]