Mentoring and Training

Work face to face with Clare Hanbury!

Clare has worked on many Life Skills Programmes in the past and can offer a wealth of experiences and perspectives. At the same time Clare is a trained coach and her way of working is to place you at the center of every session so that you get what you need and feel equipped, enthusiastic and able to take your Life Skills Programme forward. This applies to those of you who are Programme Designers, Managers or Practitioners. Clare can also review a programme and provide feedback on how she thinks it holds up and what the gaps might be.

Many programmes pay for Clare to visit and work on the ground with their Practitioners as a Course Designer, Adviser and/or Trainer. This is possible but needs lead-time as she has a very busy schedule.


Clare charges:

  • $500/day plus all expenses for advisory work; &
  • $760/day for all lead training .

Clare expects to be contracted for this work under an organisational umbrella to ensure duty of care issues are all covered. Most of her consultancy contracts are a combination of Advisory Work, Course Design Work and Training.

Contact Clare here about her face to face services.

Work over the phone with Clare Hanbury!

What is easier and can be effective too is to work with Clare over the phone. This can be one to one or with a team. Depending on the type of programme, an intake call to explore your needs will cost just $30.00 for 30 minutes.

3 Sessions Mentoring Service

Clare believes that 3 sessions is the minimum needed to get value from her Mentoring Service and the charge for this is $450 for 3 hours (taken separately or together). For this you will get a total of 3 hours of focused work with Clare, a written report and follow up email contact (up to 3 per week) over 4 week period after the mentoring is completed.

Contact Clare here about the 3 Session Programme.

6 Sessions Mentoring Service

For a 6 session programme, Clare charges $870.

For this you will get a total of 6 hours of focused work with Clare (taken separately or together), a written report and follow up email contact (up to 3 per week) for 3 months following the programme.

Contact Clare here about the 6 Session Programme .

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